Village Link serves the Parishes of Acton Turville, Badminton, Biddestone & Slaughterford, Castle Combe, Grittleton, Kington St Michael, Luckington, Nettleton, North Wraxall and Yatton Keynell. We occasionally assist neighbouring Link schemes as necessary. View Map…
Village Link is run entirely by volunteers. Our volunteers provide a transport service, driving their own cars, for those who:
are unable to access public transport due to infirmity
live where there is a lack of public transport
are not eligible for the ambulance car/medi-car services
find the ambulance car/medi-car services inappropriate for their personal needs
can get in and out of a private car safely with a minimum of assistance
Village Link typically provides Client transport, mainly, but not   exclusively, for the elderly, to:
GP/Dentist Surgery appointments
attend luncheon clubs
attend Outpatient appointments
collect library books
visit friends or relatives in hospitals or care homes
collect prescriptions
take you and your pet to the Vet
…….please contact us to benefit from our prompt and friendly service…!
To view Village Link Policies and Constitution please click here…