Village Link is one of about 45 Link schemes throughout Wiltshire. Village Link started in 1993, and currently serves some 150 Clients using about 50 volunteer drivers who provide their own cars and are reimbursed for the mileage they do on Link services. Drivers average about 2 trips per month (very much according to their own availability and commitments). In the year ending March 2018 our service delivered over 700 trips, travelling over 14,000 miles and contributing some 1,100 hours of volunteer effort.

The Village Link Members are all volunteers and consist of drivers, co-ordinators and trustees. The Trustees are responsible for the proper operation of Village Link. The Trustees are:

Alistair Parker – Chairman

Peter Dowell – Treasurer
07802 927798

Julia Dowell – Secretary
01249 782794

Belinda Elford

Ray Maddock
07802 217542

Gay Beare
Assistant VRSO

David Pearce

Jill Hollis

Anita Parsons

Sarah Parsons