Village Link needs volunteer drivers as its lifeblood.   
·        decide on their own availability and can stipulate days/times/periods they are only available – as well as decide on a case by case basis.
·        help enormously even as a very occasional driver as this protects against having too few drivers who become overloaded.
·        are covered by Village Link’s own insurance to protect volunteers against public liability – and are paid a mileage allowance, currently 45p per mile.
·        are NOT contacted direct by clients. Our drivers are only tasked by our Coordinators.
·        are DBS checked as this is a legal requirement. This is straightforward and nothing to worry about, and is renewed every three years. There is no cost to the volunteer.
If you are interested – please call one of our Volunteer Recruitment and Support Officers (VRSO) through our contact number:
07590 720836
…..and the VRSO will then be in touch with you to arrange a visit to explain in detail everything you need to know, and to help in completing the application form. The VRSO will also help to complete the DBS documentation and various verification checks (car insurance, driving licence etc). Once all checks (eg DBS clearance) have been received, the VRSO will contact you to confirm that you have been accepted as a volunteer, and will then provide you with an induction pack with all the reference information (eg hospital car parking arrangements) you need.
You will then be one of our valued VOLUNTEERS!